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      Mel Newton

      I’ve recently gotten out of the habit of practicing daily. :(. I’m finding myself playing less and less and I’m committed to making practice a daily habit for myself again. It’s really hard because I work several jobs, have a small kid, and have other hobbies I’m committed to….but music and fiddling is also really important to me, which means critically evaluating my time to see where I can regularly fit a small practice session in.

      I’m curious how many people here “streak” their practice? streaks in running are common. “I’ve run at least 1 mile every day for a year” sort of thing. Any of you tracking how many days in a row you’ve managed to string together of practice? Jason says that playing every day, even for a few minutes, is the number one way to improve and I totally agree.

      I’ve decided my most likely “wasted time” opportunities is in the late afternoon or evenings. My fiddles are already on the wall so it’s easy to pick one up. My definition of a practice is going to be that I played at least one song, all the way through. Seems easy enough :).

      Anyone want to join me for a 30 day practice challenge? It’s probably going to be more fun than any of those 30 day food challenges floating around. 😂😜

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