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      Is second finger always low on A major on the E string? as in G
      working out scales and just realized I was probably doing stuff on E string off for not realizing this
      With no tape frets, do you must slide around till you find it and get used to putting it there?
      I find I run low on G string and feel off by the time I get to A.

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      for beginners (I am at 5 months playing daily) no fret tape and it is still challenging but I use Jason’s chart that you can use to remind yourself for 1, 2, 3 and L and H. (it’s Notefinder) and I also put my phone ap (Pano Tuner) in front of me when I am practicing scales and working on tunes. I don’t watch it constantly but use it to help train my ear (it’s a work in progress). Keep at it!! ~Kay

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      I think the beginners among us are overly anxious to remove the tape from their instruments. I took mine off only to put it back a week later.

      I agree that it’s a good idea to start developing an ear for every note. But I accomplish the same thing by closing my eyes whenever I’m feeling brave.

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      jason kleinberg

      If you’re playing A major scale, then E2 is not low. If you were playing G or D major, then it would be low 2 on e string.

      Tape and tuners can be great aids for playing in tune. But i strongly recommend using drones to tune each note.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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