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      Hi ya’ll, I’m Amy, brand spanking new to fiddling. I have a question for anyone who can help. I live in a two story house and I practice upstairs. All my fiddle stuff is in my “music studio” (extra bedroom). Inn the early mornings, around daybreak, when I’m just sitting on the porch, drinking coffee, I’m finding I have an urge to practice bowing. Nothing really studious, it’s so still and quiet, I find I can feel and hear even small changes in the angle of the bow hair to the strings. It’s almost like a form of meditation, if that makes any sense. My question is this; I have a new fiddle that I love but it’s upstairs and by going up to get it by the time I am back to porch and coffee, the mood is gone.
      I also have my granddaughter’s 3/4 size fiddle. I was thinking that if I had that downstairs, close to hand, it would make for a nice micro practice. I’m just talking about bowing for basic tone, rhythm nothing the size of the fiddle would really change. However the bow is shorter. I don’t want to do something that causes me to develope bad habits or gets me confused.
      I will appreciate any advice. I hope this made sense.


      ps I’m loving reading everyone else’s experiences and watching their videos. So far, I’m so glad to be a part of this and Jason’s ideas for teaching are original and for me, perfect.

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      jason kleinberg

      Good question Amy. I’d use your main fiddle for the morning meditation. Develop a routine and system so that it’s easily accessible. That sounds like a lovely way to enjoy the practice…

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      Fiddles are all different so to play a different fiddle you do different things. Some are wider or longer or the strings are higher from the fingerboard – by itty teeny amounts. Your body will adjust to this, but it needs some time to make the adjustment. Using a fiddle that is so much different will take so much more adjustment. As a beginner this can slow your progress. Just more thoughts on the subject.

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