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      Thanks for your e-mail Jason on your update so here’s my nine day update.
      Arkansas Traveler is sounding good no variations yet. Getting a lot better on G and E string. Finally getting the right resonance and tone on E string. Been keeping tuner on and next to me so I know if I’m in the ballpark on hitting the right notes. I’ve also learned “In the Pines”, “Gospel Plow”, and “Happy Birthday”. Working on ” Don’t Let Your Deal go Down” and ” You Are My Sunshine”. I love your variation of ” You are My Sunshine” Jason but I need to work on my double stops. I’ve exceeded my goal of 30 min a day. I’ve been averaging about a total 2 hours a day. This sounds a bit extreme but I’ve practically been walking around the house with my fiddle. Unfortunately I haven’t used the metronome yet which was a goal of mine but I have tried playing to a couple backing tracks and tried playing along with some songs by the artists. Even tried playing along with Ricky Skaggs Kentucky Thunders “Shady Grove”. I sounded horrendous but was fun none the less. Wish I could have made it to the webinar on Saturday. Sorry so long and I hope everyone else is coming along EXCELLENT! I hope to read how everyone else is doing. Keep on playing!

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      yes, I want to say thanks for doing the challenge with us, it really tunes in with your whole vibe of just being one of us, even though I’ve been learning for only 4 months I feel like a yellow fiddler,for my update,I have also got more practice in than the 45 min/day,some days I’ve managed 2 to 3 hours I think it is knowing you guys are putting in the graft that has been really motivating for me, and the time put in has been wonderfully productive, my bowing is so much smoother and so the tone is much better that it was, I almost despaired of sounding better, but finally, I got a real jump in progress so unexpectedly too, I don’t think I would have done so without the challenge
      Thank you so much Jason

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      Nice going Castanu and Mack 🙂

      I like walking around the house and playing too…

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