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      Jason and Company,

      First off, the obvious- thank you for this site and fostering a good learning community to those who are interested in the Violin and the art of Fiddling!
      I have been following you since about June/July of last year and when I saw your website, I was like- Damn, I can’t afford that- but you eventually won me over. Of the 4 Violin instructors in my small city, I couldn’t find anything like what you offer (2 didn’t accept adult students, one was full up, and the other was more interested in showing off- I lasted about 3 months with him). I grew frustrated with my lack of progress and quit for a month or 2, but in the end I came back to you and your mellow and inspirational method.

      I am no web master, I don’t know what the magic pill is that will make you a major success, but as long as you are here and making videos and improvements you will have my following. In the mean time, This is what I have to offer:

      So, I think the Message Boards/Forums can fill in when you are absent. Obviously we can’t expect you to be here all the time, and I think it would be best to fill in that gap with a community of students who can voice their experiences. Maybe a “Post your Video” section, A “Critique Me” Section. At The very least an “Introduction” section. The community is small (At The moment, I hope it takes off in the near future!) so posting for playing partners is fairly useless. But, with some expansion of the forums I think the community could be a drawing force for your site, even big enough to rival some of the major Violin/String instrument boards out there (For the sections accessible by trial members- which I personally think should be full access, but that is a business decision.)

      Also, Violin Comparison and review sections wouldn’t be too bad a consideration. Seeing what other people think of a certain violin or answers on their next BIG purchase could help (I’m selfish here, since I am only plugging it to hear more about Gliga’s Violins, which I am looking at for my 2nd violin purchase.)

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      Excellent suggestions, all. I would add that there needs to be a way to contact other members (without posting a public message). I made the (mistake?) of replying in the forum to another student/fiddler in my own state, and too late saw that it was a public post. And that the only way the other person could reply was with yet another public post. That’s not always the most practical or desirable way for private exchanges, obviously. Most forum boards have a ‘messaging’ feature for private contacts. Possible here? (Please DO NOT suggest facebook. I’m still searching for the CANCEL button on that *#@^%$ site!)

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      Jim Guinn

      I know I am late to this party, but I just wanted to cast a vote and say I think the above ideas are very good. When I joined Fiddlehed and saw there was a forum, I expected it would be a very vibrant community forum. I’m actually surprised at how limited it is and how little participation there is from other Fiddleheds. The framework for the Fiddlehed site looks like WordPress, I think. If it is WordPress there is no built in forum (Discussion Board); you have to use a plugin. WordPress has a number of forum plugins, some better than others as far as flexibility and what can be offered. I am a member of the Fiddlerman Forum which is on a WordPress site, and that forum has all of the above suggestions plus more features. I don’t know if Fiddlerman is using a WordPress plugin, or if he is using stand-alone forum software and linking to it from his WordPress site.

      I like forums. Over the years I have belonged to garden, greenhouse, pond and website software forums, to name a few. I now am a member of two fiddling forums (Fiddleman and Fiddlehed). For the most part, I have found forum experiences helpful. The times I didn’t was usually because the scope of the forum was very limited, which did not encourage a lot of participation, exchange of ideas, and member helping member. I’m afraid in it’s present form, I will find this forum minimally helpful. This is not a complaint, but an observation. But, with this observation comes my offer to help out in any way I can to help improve the Fiddlehed forum from being active as a forum poster to helping with forum development. My first suggestion would be to have others chime in on this topic and give their thoughts. I hope others notice this topic. I wonder if there is a admin forum option to make this topic a “sticky”, so it stays on top of the “FiddleHed Improvement Society” section. This would definitely call more attention to this topic.

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      Jim Guinn

      OOPS! This was a double post of the above post, which I have now changed as you can see :), because I didn’t see my first post when I submitted it, so I resubmitted it. I still didn’t see it, so it occurred to me I might have to log out/log in to see it….like I did when I upgraded my Fiddlehed membership earlier today in order to see the upgrade. If this is the case, this would appear to be some kind of bug. You shouldn’t have to log out/log in to view changes.

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