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      Hello guys,

      I’ve gotten myself into a problem, and I need some help. You know how, when you are driving in your first car and it’s a little 4 cylinder with maybe 100 horsepower, and then you are excited and you buy a Porsche…

      I bought a 5 string. It’s an electric 5 string- and I didn’t realize (though I should have) that the fingerboard is longer and now I’m back to square one. All of my notes are flat, I’m getting overwhelmed- I don’t know anything about amps… it’s a mess.

      My question for you is 1) if any of you have done this or something similar… how long did it take you to relearn? am I looking at terrible playing scales again for another 6 months? and 2) If you play electric, do you use any apps to track your pitch? The only ones I’ve found are all proximity, I’m looking for something I can plug in to my headphone amplifier so I can actively see if I’m playing the note well.

      Jason! I need you! How was your transition to electric?


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