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      Hi! I can’t get any of the play-along tracks in this lesson to work. That’s about it, thanks!

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      I’m with Maureen on this. None of the audio on the D Major Scale page works. Time to gang up JK 🙂

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      Jason, you say there are 8 scale variations, but the variations you demonstrate on the video are different from the 8 variations you list in the text. (Gratefully, these are the same variations you demonstrate in the mp3.)

      I think there are really more than 8 variations if you combine the ones in the video and the ones on the list. Also, are some missing from the video and the mp3?

      There are ?? scale variations:

      two bows (long, long)
      two bows staccato (short, short)
      four bows (long, long, long, long)
      tucka (short, short, short, short, long, long)
      split tucka (long, long, long, long, short, short)
      hoedown (long, short, short, long)
      throw-away bow (long…)
      triplets (short, short, short)
      tremolo (very short, short, short, short, short, short)

      Without going to the work of redoing the video, would you consider updating the list?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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