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      I’ve noticed a couple of issues as I’ve played through the Ballydesmond Polka – lower octave music. A couple are pretty nit picky tab reading issues. Feel free to ignore them.

      Part A second quarter indicates a d at the end of the tab (and in the sheet music), but I’m not hearing it in the audio.

      Part A fourth quarter audio I’m hearing pick up notes, but they are not indicated in the tab.

      Part B first quarter audio is I believe really the audio for the second quarter. The Part B second quarter audio appears to be correct.

      I’m a beginner fiddle player, and relatively new to music in general, so if I’ve gotten this wrong, my apologies. I’m thoroughly enjoying the site. It’s really nicely put together.

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      jason kleinberg

      thanks, putting this on the fix list. it’s tricky making the loops right with the pick-up notes. i’ll try to make it more clear.

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