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      Hi all,

      Been practicing Kesh Jig with double stops recently. When I use metronome, set to 6/8, six beats; it seems as if my top tempo is only 72, whereas in 4/4 time I am usually very comfortable at 80-92 tempo. I know the explanation is somewhere in music theory. Anyone have any suggestion or explanations?

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      Maybe you just play (and listen) to more tunes in 4/4 than 6/8 so it feels more natural. That would make going faster easier. Thought experiment: make a set list of 6/8 tunes to listen to for a while, and play it again after that. Will the hands anticipate the notes more quickly when the mind is set on 6/8 mode? Not sure that’s what you are asking but I enjoyed thinking about it. thanks (and found lots of cool Kesh recordings on the interwebs).

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