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      What is a practical way of playing 2 strings with 1 finger? When playing the B part of Westphalia Waltz, I find it hard to play the C & G on the A & E strings with 1 finger, but obviously, I can’t fit two fingers in the same point in space. Suggestions? TIA

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      I just flatten my finger a bit. I think it’s something you just have to persevere with and it will come with practise.

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      Joanne Iles

      I find I can do it only on first finger but really struggle to get a good sound on 2nd or 3rd finger. I haven’t learnt this tune but on something like Tam Lin which has a sequence of C (on g string) to G (on d string)I practiced getting a quick change & just getting a quick “dab” which sounded better! Admittedly I did practice that one section a lot – as Jason says practice 1000 times! Lol!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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