Michael G

On a related note, I was reading a blog that mentioned a ‘non-whistling E’ string which I found intriguing. A quick search brought me here: https://www.juststrings.com/dad-ks311w-4-4m.html. It’s also an aluminum wound string.

I struggle getting a nice round tone from my E string so I gave this a try, and it definitely improved the tone on my E. I had to look at it with a magnifier to see the winding, since the E string is so thin. I’ve also purchased a set of Obligatos for the other three strings, but haven’t put them on just yet. The Obligatos are very expensive (about $100 for the set). They helped mellow out the tone of my old German factory-made student violin. I’m eager to hear what they’ll sound like on the higher quality Chinese-made violin I purchased a few months ago.