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Hey Jason!

Thanks for all the lessons and inspiration. You got me here! I’ve never had trouble picking up the fiddle and playing with your good vibes in mind.

The tune is a great one! I learned it from Seattle-based Josh Larios who runs the “Slower than Dirt” oldtime jam. It’s been virtual since last summer, but I suspect it will return to in-person in the not too distant future, in North Seattle.

Here is the link to the “Core Tunes” page, with free sheet music and play alongs, guitar courtesy of StrumMachine (another awesome and cheap app!). Bound To Have A Little Fun is under the G Tunes. It’s a great resource with lots of tunes I’d never heard of before, mostly played in Seattle-area oldtime jams.

Core Tunes

I’m crossing my fingers for this fiddle. I currently have two and keep one in cross tuning (usually GDGD) and the other in standard. They are both cheapos and quite old (one is from an unknown park ranger, quite old and quite cracked, but a warm sound, the other from my 5th grade orchestra, and it’s quite tinny but getting warmer as it’s played). I know it sounds like overkill but I’d love a 3rd fiddle to keep in DDAD tuning, I love playing Bonaparte’s Retreat or Piney Ridge, among others!

Happy fiddling!