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Thanks everyone for your feedback, I’ve now done 3 gigs with the ukulele club, with another this weekend, so have been busy learning the songs! I’m still learning about what I can do with the electric violin; I’ve discovered it has headphones that I can plug in so I can hear myself over the rest of the group, without needing to put my amp up higher. At a festival performance I was plugged into a properly big amp that went to a mixing desk, but I couldn’t hear myself through the feedback amp, so it helped having my headphones so I could make sure I was playing in tune.
Kvmceff, that’s a good idea about the triplets. I definitely need to work more on them! I’ve discovered that I really need to bow the strings cleanly, because a misplaced bow on other strings makes a really off sound – and that was what was the squeak, or more screech sound that I was getting. Thanks for your feedback and ideas.
Owen, thank you, I have improved since I posted, and getting better with being more relaxed playing. I found it really good to record myself and review. In the end the band decided not to do Fisherman’s blues, and instead did Dirty Old Town by the Pogues, so have had to learn that one!
Bluegrassgal, I’ve just been looking for my receipt because I have no idea what the brand is! Can’t find any logo on it. I just went to a music shop in the city and tried it out. They had a wooden one that was shaped differently but I chose this because it was comfortable to hold and has an active control system where you can adjust the volume on the violin, rather than have to do it on the amp, which is quite handy. It also has the headphone Jack so you can practice without an amp. It cost $350 Australian, and then I bought a small cube amp (which is really for guitar but is very easy to carry around) because I’m only really playing for fun, rather than professionally. There was a bigger amp that they said would be more suitable for the sound of a violin but I just went for the smallest. I’m sure you’d have more variety in the US, but I found going to the shop and playing the different ones was good to compare. But if I find my receipt that shows what make it is I’ll message you!