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Well, I couldn’t resist moving up the speed dial on the metronome. I always figure this in the importance of learning tunes (if you intend on playing with other people) #1. Keep the beat. You can play all the wrong notes, and it might not sound that nice, but at least everyone else can play along. Mess up the beat and it’s a train wreck. #2. Be clean. If your notes are clean, even if you don’t impress anyone, you won’t offend anyone. #3. Play close to the proper tempo. If you can do that, then you are accepted as one of the musicians rather than a beginner to accommodate. #4. Variations and fancy playing.
I tried something new this time. I wanted to really accompany with the banjo instead of playing parallel, so I listened to my fiddle part on one device while I recorded with another. Here is the interesting thing. I started out with them synced on iMovie, but towards the end of the recording, the banjo was off-beat. So I guess you can’t count on the devices to keep the beat as true as the metronome. Even though it ends up sounding terrible, I thought it was interesting and instructive!