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I may do much of the same things. I have binders for my guitar music, banjo music, mandolin music, and dulcimer music. When I play out with my fiddle friend, I have a separate binder for the music we play together. She plays fiddle and I play dulcimer with her, mostly Irish tunes. Now, I’m building a binder for my Fiddlehed music here.

I also build binders with my “playing out” music. Pre-pandemic I played mandolin with a group and I had a binder for those songs. We played locally and for assisted living places. I have a binder for a bluegrass band I played with decades ago. These last two are song books of the songs with chords.

I have used my iPad for storage of music sheets — words with chords — so when we played out, I could bring up the songs in case I needed the sheets.

When I started learning fiddle two years ago (pre-pandemic), I learned fiddle by ear. I had the words and the chords/keys and kept a binder with those songs. No music. But my fiddle teacher provided me with DVDs of the songs. But he left for Tennessee over a year ago. So now, if I want to recall something I learned with him, I have to listen to the DVD.

With Fiddlehed, I copy the tab and the music onto one page and print a sheet for the binder. I’m trying to learn to read the music this way.

Like you, I try to memorize everything. As a band member over the years, I did things by ear and memory. So I want to continue to do that. But I always have my reference binders!

So much wonderful music, so little time!