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I usually have to work on limiting the number of tunes I’m trying to learn at once. I am always “greedy for tunes.” At a music camp Old Time), the instructor gave some wisdom that I try to remember. The ‘old guys’ who are the source for a lot of the tunes perhaps didn’t know a whole lot of them. They had a few, but those few they knew well, inside and out, with all the variations. The only way they learned new ones was to get them from other fiddlers they would meet. But nowadays, it’s cheap and easy to get tunes. So people grab a new tune, “learn it,” and then race to the next one.
I still am greedy for tunes, but I try to respect a tune that I learn, to give it time to understand it, feel it, maybe see some variations. And if I don’t like a tune well enough for that, then let it go. (or just learn it well enough to get by because for some reason everyone thinks Mississippi Sawyer is the greatest old time fiddle tune out there.)