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Usually I only use the computer when I’m doing the lesson (fiddlehed, or from a YouTube video). I’ve watched people have to stop in the middle of doing an open mic to get their iPad or phone to open back up or stay awake so they don’t get lost or forget lyrics or get stalled. Awkward! I’m sure it can be made to work just fine, but I tend to go with the hard copies.
I print out the sheet music, punch holes and put it alphabetical in a binder. But it can all get complicated. So I have multiple binders.
One binder for Fiddlehed only tunes.
One binder for my banjo tabs. (Alphabetical, but within the different tuning categories.)
One binder for my (bluegrass) lyrics.
One binder for all the other fiddle tunes I have collected and either sort of play or want to play.
One binder for my antebellum banjo tunes.
One binder for all the songs that my bluegrass band did.
A folder each for different instruments that I am just playing around with.
But then, there is a smaller binder with tunes and songs that I am specifically working on, divided between fiddle, banjo, songs.
Then there is the hard thing of the music books. When there is a tune in a book that I really want to work on, I photocopy it and put it in a binder. Once in awhile I take journeys all through my binders.
My goal is to have stuff memorized and not have to refer to the music in the binders, let them just be reference. So I have a small bound book with banjo and fiddle tune song titles listed that I know. Periodically, I play through them to make sure I haven’t forgotten them.
I regard the small bound book as the most important piece of my arsenal.
I’m sure most people don’t go this far! But having them set up like this relieves my anxiety about forgetting all about some wonderful tune I used to know.