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I just tried a LINND, LUNNA and am loving it. I was using a Viva La Musica Diamond because it is rather low. Both are adjustable. Shar used to allow you to order on trial, but you must get them back in 2 weeks or you own them. Southwest Strings is another place to look online.

When I help others to get things fitting, I notice I am changing the angle across the fiddle to achieve a better fit. Sometimes we forget about this additional adaptation.

If things slide I have seen people use that rubbery stuff that keeps rugs from sliding or the smaller version used in kitchen cabinets.

My old teacher had me roll up a kitchen towel, wrap with rubber bands and then use a rubber band across the back of the fiddle to secure it.

And one more idea – some people use a pad under their shirt to keep the rest from digging in.

As was said here earlier . . . trial and error.