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Yes. A better fiddle can give you a better ring. All fiddles can have action adjusted via the bridge and the nut. A poor finger board will affect action as well. Pegs are pegs, but in better wood, can stay in tune better. You can get mechanical pegs which can have some advantages. I do notice that wooden pegs have endless options to finding the pitch, while mechanical can leave gaps (due to the mechanics) in hitting the pitch.

All fiddles are different. You can find slimmer necks and other little differences that may fit your body better than another instrument.

Many student violins are factory made while a fine violin is handmade. The age (and type) of wood certainly makes a difference as well.

My guess is that as you advance you will get to a point where you feel your instrument is holding you back. On the other hand you may find you have found the perfect instrument for you and it will be with you for a lifetime.