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Jason said: “I often wonder how much students benefit from the tracks that slowly speed up. Would you like to have full versions of a tune at a slow tempo? This might be doable. Re-making all the short loops would take awhile…”

I’m new here. LOVE everything about your site and your skills as a teacher.

I’ve been working on “Wagon Wheel” Break 1. I love the short loops of the phrases that slowly speed up! Very enjoyable to play, and very effective. On one phrase where I couldn’t keep pace with the track while playing cleanly, I stopped playing the track. Instead, I slowly worked on the interval that needed more practice. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can keep up with the track. These tracks are the best of both worlds: slow, steady practice with an impetus to subtly pick up the pace. If the pace is running away, just hit the back arrow until your skills develop enough to see it through.

The “Wagon Wheel” lesson does have tracks of the full break at several steady tempos. I haven’t used them yet, but surely will when I put all the pieces together.