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I love this discussion among us beginners, so many great ideas. And always, thank you Jason. I’ve been playing about nine months, and also had the Don’t Fret thing. It started to bug me because it was bubbling up and I wondered how it was affecting my sound. So I took it off and applied three strips of thin tape, like dress maker tape. Like very skinny masking tape. I really needed those, and used them for months until they started to slide off on their own. It was nice to gradually lose them! And then I had just one at the third finger position. Well, I also bought a new violin and really didn’t want to put tape on it, and I found out I was ready to play without it. I also do a scale mid song if I’m off, and straighten myself out. Seems like my brain is kicking in gear and telling my fingers where they should be a lot of the time, and when I’m off, it’s part of the training.