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The lights came on for me reading MoonShadow’s post. Sometimes the words used to describe an action mean different things to people. I watched a video where the instructor said use only your wrist and then proceeded to waive his lower arm about. I came to understand that what the man meant was to (in my parlance) lead with the wrist. ‘The wrist leads the hand going up as well as down.’ Was exactly what I needed to hear. I have seen this with riding instructors and also with instruction in arrow head making as well as violin. Sometimes the instructor is doing something other than what they say they are doing and then the student can’t replicate it. I think this happens more with folks who are self taught because they might not know just how they are getting something. Kudos to Jason: he knows what he is doing and describes it so well that the slowest person in the class (ME) gets it. It also seems to me that when you lead with the wrist, the arm is shorter on the upstroke and longer on the down making that circle or figure eight that I see described in lessons on better tone. If I am full of beans, let me know as my concepts change so rapidly when I am trying to learn things that sometimes I am in the ditch and don’t know it. My two cents.