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I played my first note on a fiddle about 13 months ago. Started with three dots which slid around and fell off soon after, so I applied 3 finger tapes using thin-cut strips of black gaff tape (used by sound techs in theatre). Gaff tape sticks very well (does not slide around) but will come off with no residue because of the natural rubber adhesive. The black tape colour also has the advantage of not screaming out “loser” like bright yellow or orange tape lines do. However, when viewed from the player’s perspective, you can clearly see the thin white edge of the tape when looking up along the fingerboard from playing position.

I recently (about 2 weeks ago) purchased an electric fiddle and decided not to put any finger tape on it. I now switch daily between my acoustic (with tape) and the electric (without). It seems to be a good transition. I learn new songs on the acoustic with tape and then move on to the electric and practice without.

I also try playing with my eyes closed occasionally, or concentrate my eyes on bowing perpendicular to the bridge and try to not look at the tapes and fingering. I find this to be a good transition as well, and might be an alternative to removing the tapes if you only use one instrument.