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Hi I appreciate you uploading videos. I will when I get the nerve. Bowing – It’s sorta trial and error with me. I went to a classical tutor friend who spent three lessons trying to force my hand/finger hold more “correctly”. That was well over $100. I will figure it out for free LOL. I feel like I am definitely getting a lot smoother and using slurring, etc. I am going back and practicing some more of the 1st module songs and can see such a difference. I do practice a lot because I am retired and have the time that I make for it! The main problem I still struggle with is getting tempo and accent to sound like Jason’s. I can read music enough to double check some of the tabs. I can’t yet use the drone and metronome successfully because it’s too distracting. I have to just get the rhythm in my head and tap it out inside my brain. Probably the greatest challenge so far has been getting the tones right. I use only one marker at third finger to help. It’s not like piano and banjo where once the instrument is tuned you will put your fingers correctly. You have to develop your ear if not a natural. It’s a work in progress and I welcome your interaction. I am lonely in the Pleasant Valley of MD.