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This was soooo helpful, thanks for asking Colliefiddle and thanks for answering Moonshaddows. I need both links you each posted
cool. And feel much of what you are saying too.

I get twitchy when I play something with the tracks or with the lesson when Jason says, “let’s play it. . . ” and then I lose a note or two and fall behind. I’ve learned that means I’m not at that speed yet. A slower tempo solves the problem and I stop twitching 😉 Sometimes I loop enough where I lost the beat to come back in or do over. Also the simpler beats and tracks work better for me because there’s less to catch my ear and make me think I did something wrong, when maybe I didn’t– dangerous negative spiral can be avoided with simpler tools. I think that’s why I like the low fiddle tracks so much, because they give a beat but I hear mostly my own fiddle unless I stop to listen. . . I hear there’s a tool to slow those down if those are too fast, but I’ve not gone there yet. I have bad memories of being in a room with a nun and a metronome at a piano, and of a ballet teacher with a stick. PTSD aside, this practice is quite joyful if I don’t try to go too fast.

And here is a metronome app for kids that I found both scary and funny. I think the kids I work with would run from this little leprachaun, but I appreciate the effort to make it fun

I wish we could do this in person. Fun conversation to have. But I looked up Sturgeon Bay and haven’t been to Wisconsin in over 30 years. Holler if you ever come to Seattle