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Let me see if I could try to explain this better. I apologize for that. The way I use my bow I think of it as almost pulling the bow from the forhead to the toe, but at an angle. You might want to practice this motion in the air before attempting it on the violin. If you find yourself pulling the bow from your right side to the left like I use to do. This is incorrect. Your arms and elbow come out in front at an angle. Make sure the elbow isn’t all the way up in the air. If the elbow is facing the ceiling this is incorrect. I keep pulling the bow in little increments until the elbow is sort of under the violin. If your elbow goes all the way under the violin and facing the floor this is also incorrect. You shouldn’t have to move your arm and elbow too much. It moves very little when you switch strings. At first it is a bit difficult, but once you get use to it, it becomes second nature without thinking about it. I hope that helps.