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jason kleinberg

Megan, learn to trust your ears. Can you sing the scale? Do you trust your singing of the scale? Play Parrot. You can start with a few notes then repeat them on the violin. Do the same sequence over and over, staying on the same string. You can try taping what you are doing. Do it several times and then listen to it. Can you hear problems? You can try playing your scales with the drone, too. Maybe that will help you play in tune. The electronic tuners can be problematic. Notice how they waver. If this doesn’t help, get a cheap, child’s keyboard. Some toys aren’t too bad. Not expensive and just big enough to get a basic scale on them. Also, there are apps that create tones. They sound like pianos. Play Parrot using them. Remember, you will also be developing your ears, not just your finger placement. I, personally, would not use the electric tuner especially if you are being frustrated by it.