Premium Subscription – monthly

If you are an absolute beginner, and you just want to try out fiddling, I recommend a premium monthly subscription.

This will give you full access to the main course (modules 1.1-2.9).

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Premium Subscription – yearly

If you’re a beginner and sure you want to dive into lessons, this is the best option. It’s cheaper than the monthly subscription ($19/mo instead of $25/mo, so about 24% off). It also includes the FiddleHed Tune e-Book:

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Ultimate subscription

This yearly subscription includes everything in the Premium Yearly subscription but also includes access to other lessons and content:

  • Art of Fiddling
    • This is a collection of more advanced exercises that prepare students for adding variation, improvising, playing chord backup and playing with others.
  • Irish Fiddle Variation
    • See description below.
  • No Time Like Old-time
    • Adding variation and feel to Appalachian style fiddling.
  • Improvisation (coming late September 2019)

This is the best option for continuing fiddlers who want a wide range of lessons on everything from technique, tune lessons in multiple styles and fun practice lessons.

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Irish Fiddle Course

The Irish Fiddle course is a stand-alone course for people who want to focus on Irish fiddling and nothing else. Subscribers to this get lifetime access. It’s a deep dive on how to add left-hand and bowing variation to tunes. In addition to learning specific techniques, you learn how to practice creatively, and how to bring expression to your playing.

If you buy this course, you get lifetime access. However, this does not include access to the rest of the course.

If you are an intermediate fiddler and want to learn other things (advanced techniques, other styles like old-time variations, improvisation) then you might just want to get an Ultimate yearly subscription, mentioned above.

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Long-winded answer! Does that make sense? Let me know in a comment below if you have more questions.


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