It can be hard to learn fiddling online.

There are many obstacles. So I’m doing my best to help you and other fiddlers bring music into your lives. Group lessons are fun way to learn and practice with other folks on the fiddle journey.

On this page you can find out about upcoming group lessons as well as access past group lessons.


Upcoming group lessons

Beginner Group Lesson / November 4, 2020 at 11 AM P.T.

Intermediate Group Lesson / November 5, 2020 at 11 AM P.T.

Archived group lessons

How do the group lessons work?

The group lessons are designed to be a learning and playing experience. On the other hand, the monthly office hours are more focused on answering particular questions.

Here’s a rough outline of what happens.

  • Introductions
    • At the start of the lesson you’ll be muted. Introduce yourself in a chat. Tell us where you’re from, how long you’ve been playing, and anything fun about yourself 👍
  • Warmup
  • Main lesson
    • We’ll use the call-and-response format at times. I’ll play something, and leave a space for you to play it back.
    • At other times, you’ll be playing along with me.
    • There will also be segments in which you work on something on your own with a drone a backing track.
  • Breakout rooms
    • Later in the lesson, I’ll break you into groups of 2-3 students to practice what we’re working on.
  • Closing
    • At the end of the lesson, we’ll recap how it went.
  • Keep on fiddling! 
    • After the official lesson is over, you’ll have an opportunity to continue playing with groups of 2-3 students. This is optional. Whoever wants to continue playing can keep going without me.

Guidelines for group lessons

  • Be nice to everyone in the lesson. We’re all struggling with something 😍
  • You’ll be playing along with me during this. Some folks have trouble hearing me when they use iPad or computer speakers. Here are three suggestions to help with this:
    • Use a mute on your fiddle.
    • Use earbuds or headphones. Pull off one slightly to hear yourself better.
    • Use external speakers if possible. Adjust the volume accordingly.
      • Bluetooth speaker
      • Sonos or equivalent connected to your device
  • I suggest you tune your fiddle and warm up on your own before the group lesson.
  • I usually offer some sort of preparation in advance of the lesson. See the specific lesson page below for this.
  • You can use the materials on the group lesson pages to take the practice journey on your own. You can also use the framework to practice with folks in zoom groups of your own.


Just as you are learning to fiddle, I’m learning how to do group lessons.

In the short time we’ve been doing this the process has already evolved, thanks to constructive (and kind) feedback from the practicipants.

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  1. I really enjoyed the group lesson today. The improvisation was challenging and fun. Meeting other FiddleHed-ers in the classrooms was the icing on the cake! Thank you Jason.
    Can’t wait for the next lesson !

  2. Jason

    Do we sign up just before or is there a link I should follow to sign up. Thanks for all you do and the joy it brings! We need it now more than ever

    Bob C

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