Lauren Learning the Orange Blossom Special

I’m currently creating five-lesson series on the OBS. This is a super-challenging tune that I’ve resisted teaching. I now see this as a great journey which allows you to hone many fiddle techniques: Advanced string crossing Tricky rhythms Challenging double stops Sliding Here’s a sneak peek of FiddleHed Lauren learning the first step: the basic … Continued

Student Story: Katrina

Katrina from Australia shares her story… This was taken while my husband and I were traveling and camping around New Zealand in February. I take my fiddle everywhere because I want to play every day. As Fiddlehed is online, it doesnโ€™t matter where I am, I have access to the music lessons. Your fiddlosophy has … Continued

Lesson with Dayved on strumming and bowing chords

Dayved has been my student and friend for 8 years. He plays viola along with violin and loves Eastern European music.Here’s a clip from a zoom lesson with my student Dayved on strumming and bowing chords.   Dayved is a big part of why FiddleHed exists today. Back in the day, we would have a … Continued

Lesson with Jim on Arkansas Traveller

Here’s a clip from a zoom lesson with my friend Jim… He’s working on on the B part of “Arkansas Traveller.” This is a great tune for micro-practice. Play just the first four notes until you feel your body and breath relax: E3-L2-1-3. Once this starts to flow and sound better, move on to the … Continued

Student Stories: Dan H.

Here’s a clip from a zoom lesson with my student Dan on the Georgia Shuffle. Dan is one of the most inspiring students I’ve worked with. A few years ago he suffered a massive stroke. He lost motor control for much of the left side of his body. He was out of commission for a … Continued

Student Stories: Fiona Higgins

Here’s a short video of my student Fiona playing, Uisce Faoi Thalamh, a tune she wrote while playing around with triads. Fiona started learning fiddle as an adult. Now, she plays regularly in beginner Irish sessions and with a group of some of my other students. I learn a lot from good students. At the … Continued