How To Play Back-up Chords On The Fiddle

If you are able to play chord backup on the fiddle and violin, you will be a more versatile and well-rounded musician. Firstly, most fiddle players just play the melody. The chord backup skill allows you to contribute supporting parts when playing with groups, which means you’ll be a lot more useful in a band. … Continued

Playing Fiddle Backup On Girls Just Want To Have Fun

In this video I sing and play fiddle backup for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. After I play it, Iโ€™ll talk about what we did…kind of a video โ€œliner notes.โ€ Chords Verse F / Dm / Bb Dm / C / Bb Dm / C / F Chorus F / Dm F … Continued

What I’m practicing now…

Here’s some things I’m currently practicing. I’m sharing this as part of the Fall Practice Challenge 2020. My intention is for you go deep with whatever you’re doing: learning to bow on an open string, practicing vibrato, improvising, working on 4th finger, etc. How can it be fun and productive at the same time? For … Continued

Listening Is Practice Too, Two

You may ask: How can I become better at the fiddle? Could I get good enough to play in band? Could I learn to pick up tunes and songs more quickly? How can I do this??!! First, find a way to play every day and everything else will work out. In addition to practicing your … Continued
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