The Surfing Fiddler

It’s humbling to learn something new. At the moment, I’m living in Bali for a month, updating and building … Continued

Practice Like A Master

A lot of people have written saying that they struggle with playing in tune. Do you also struggle with this? … Continued

Hey, Play Us A Tune!

As a beginning fiddler, it’s exciting to learn your first tune. Once, you learn a few, you start to see … Continued

Fisherman’s Blues

I recently did a lesson on how to play the solo from the song Fisherman’s Blues. My first girlfriend introduced … Continued

Play it clear

Towards the end of my trip I played an afternoon session in Galway at a place called Tig Choili. A … Continued

Galway Girl

Some visionary FiddleHed out there suggested that I go to Galway and film a video on how to play the … Continued