Time to have fun as we train our ears

Just in case you haven’t done this, for each exercise I’ll play something and then leave you a gap to play it back.

I’ll give you a little hint to guid you in each exercise like, “D Major scale” or “Arkansas Traveller”. I will only play ideas related to the hint. so for the

Do the exercises multiple times if necessary. Your ear may need more time with some of the ideas you hear in each round of the game.

Practice variations

  • Try to sing what you hear.
  • Try to audiate what you hear.
    • Audiation is the process of “hearing music in your head” or “mental practice”. You can harness this natural process to get better at the fiddle. Learn more in this lesson.
  • Call-and-response on your own
    • Alternate between singing and fiddling small tune phrases
    • Alternate between plucking and fiddling small tune phrases
    • Alternate between playing something in the low and high octave

If you find this useful, then go here for more games and exercises: Call-and-response Central.

Let’s play

Exercise 2: G Major Octave Talking

This and the remaining tab, sheet music and mp3 snippets are available to All-access users. Subscribe here. And thanks for your support. 🙏

Exercise 3: Girl I Left Behind Me A Part

Exercise 4: Girl I Left Behind Me B Part

Exercise 5: C Major

Exercise 6: Soldier's Joy A Part

Exercise 7: Soldier's Joy B Part

Exercise 8: Road To Lisdonverna A Part

Exercise 9: Road To Lisdonverna B Part


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