Scottish Song in G Major
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This famous tune is also known as “The New Years Song”. Not sure if this is the happiest or the saddest song of all time. It might be one of the saddest, but it somehow still feels good.

As usual, try to sing, whistle or hum the familiar melody before learning it on the fiddle.

Learning chunks 

I’ve made some “Learning Chunks” to help you learn more easily. These focused exercises contain sheet music, tabs and mp3 snippets to guide you on your fiddle journey. The idea is to start with small musical bits, get good at those, and then put them together into bigger pieces until you have the whole tune. I call it Micro-practice.

Play Along Track – Full Tune

Full Tabs

A part

First quarter: D0-3-2-3-A1-A0-D3-A0

Second quarter: A1-0-D3-3-A1-3-E0

Third quarter: E0-A3-1-1-D3-A0-D3-A0

Fourth quarter: A1-0-D3-1-1-0-3

Sheet Music


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