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In this video I’m going to slowly play the notes on the fiddle so you can check your tuning. I’ll also give the note name in addition to the fingering in the right hand corner.

For beginners, I will start with a simple one octave D major scale.

I hope this is useful for you!


D major scale
D: D0
E: D1
F#: D2
G: D3
A: A0
B: A1
C#: A2
D: A3

Then, for intermediate to advanced players, I will play each note of the chromatic scale, starting on open G, slowly climbing to high fourth finger on E string.

Chromatic scale
G: G0
G# or Ab: GL1
A: G1
Bb: GL2
B: G2
C: G3
C# or Db: GH3 or GL4
D: D0 or G4
D# or Eb: DL1
E: D1
F: DL2
F#: D2
G: D3
G# or Ab: DH3 OR DL4
A: A0 or D4
A# or Bb: AL1
B: A1
C: AL2
C#: A2
D: A3
D# or Eb: Ah3 or AL4
E: E0 or A4
F: EL1
F#: E1
G: EL2
G# or Ab: E2
A: E3
A# or Bb: EH3 or EL4
B: E4
C: EH4



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