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macro-practice is a way to get the whole picture of a tune, a way to put it all together. it will help you with musical flow as well as prepare you for playing for others. in a nutshell, with macro-practice we try to JUST KEEP GOING, as opposed to micro-practice in which we stop and work on small things.

1. make it through the whole tune. even if you have to start and stop, even if it doesn’t sound that good, JUST KEEP GOING.
2. listen to the tune. try to hear it in your head, or whistle, sing or hum it.
3. practice with a metronome or drum beat.
4. practice with a play along track.
5. change your perspective, make it interesting and fun. try walking around, or looking out a window or closing your eyes.
6. play tunes many, many more times than you usually do. play it for five minutes straight; try to set an alarm and not stop until the alarm goes off.



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