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8 amazing bowing exercises

here are some exercises to help you learn bowing and have fun doing it. try each on separately. later, experiment with combining them. each one can be practiced with single notes, scales and tunes.

⁃ throwaway bow

a brisk songle bow stroke. let the string ring. this builds tone.

⁃ saw bow

bow short strokes in the middle of the bow. pretend that you are sawing wood.

⁃ stop and rock

bow down on D, then fully stop, rock to A then bow up on A, fully stop and then start over and then start over.

⁃ string crossing with fingering

combine string crossing with fingering

⁃ thirds

bow at the bottom, middle and upper third of the bow.

⁃ long bows

use the entire length of the bow. before doing this practice thirds.

⁃ shimmer/tremolo

fast, light bow strokes at the tip of the bow.

⁃ soft/loud/soft

start by play short notes softly, then increase the bow length to play more loudly, then get quiet again.




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