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double stop scales

this lesson shows you how to play double stops with scales.
practicing this will help you add double stops to tunes so you can get that cool fiddle sound.

before doing the entire double stop scale, work on each step:
just play D0A0, 4-8 repetitions
then D1A0 for awhile, then D2A0 etc.

next step is to work on each interval in the scale:
then D1A0-D2A0, etc.,
staying on each interval for 4-8 repetitions

once you get this scale you can practice it creatively with different rhythms: hoedown, tucka, triplets.


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if you are new to double stops, start with these lessons:
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ps: out of all the lessons on tunes, variations, technique, etc., the most important thing you can learn is good practice. simply play every day in a fun and productive way: loop small phrases, sing what you play, play things at different speeds, transpose phrases, parts and tunes to other strings & other scales. listen a lot; listening is practice too. don’t hurry. try to focus on making the sound as good as possible so you enjoy it.


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