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the low second finger is placed close to the first finger. here is a video lesson on triads, which are the first, third and fifth degree of a scale.

they are useful for:   

1. improving technique and coordination  

2. learning tunes more quickly  

3. improvising

so a G major triad would be G, B, D. Or G0-2-D0. the second octave would be D3-A1-A3. if you practice this a lot and get it into your ear, the other triads will follow.

if you don’t know how to play a major scale, watch these videos first:

D scale and variations lesson 

G major scale 2 octaves with variations 



related videos

here are some tunes that use triads:

tobin’s jig

swallowtail jig

berdichiever khosid

ashokan farewell


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