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Introduction to Double Stops

A double stop is when you play two strings at the same time.

In this lesson I'll show you how to play open string double stops on the fiddle. Though you play two strings at once, it does not require more energy or press. Rather, you want the bow angle to be perfectly balanced between the two strings. We'll also learn three simple chords: G, D and A.

In further lessons we'll add left hand fingering to the double top chords and create smooth chord progressions. We'll also learn how to add double stops to tunes.


D D A A (D|A) (D|A) (D|A) (D|A)
try this with the other string pairs, (G|D), (A|E)

Learning double stops is like learning to bow all over again.
Try with rhythms: hoedown, tucka, triplets





String Crossing with Fingering

Double Stops with Fingering


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